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Recognising and Treating Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is a major medical emergency. It is vital for anyone who may have to deliver emergency medication to have the appropriate Anaphylaxis training. We can also arrange a bespoke group course, at a venue of your choice to suit your individual requirements.

What you will learn

As a rule, first aid training does not include the administration of any medications, and while allergy sufferers and their parents or guardians receive advice and training in the use of auto-injectors, care workers, child carers and first aiders rarely do. The Anaphylaxis Awareness course aims and objectives are for the delegate to.

In the 2 hour workshop (for those with first aid training), we will cover:

  • Course Introduction and Anaphylaxis: What is Anaphylaxis? Minor allergic reactions and Activating EMS.
  • Auto Injector Types, Storage and Disposal: What is an Auto-Injector eg: Jext, EpiPen?
  • Storage and disposal.
  • Checking auto injectors and expiry dates.
  • Signs, Symptoms and Treatment.
  • Signs and symptoms of Anaphylaxis.
  • Administration of Auto Injector (includes simulation with trainer pens. Option to practice with Expired Pens on oranges provided by Trainer)

What is included

  • 100% classroom attendance.
  • There are two options of learning, depending upon your experience either 2 hrs for health care professionals or an extended 3.5hrs version.
  • You will receive expert, qualified tuition by the team who are continuously working within a hospital or community setting for the NHS.
  • You will receive a copy of all course material which you can refer back to.

Course outcomes

  • You will receive a full certificate, wall chart and wallet card valid for 3yrs.
  • To renew the qualification please repeat the course.
  • Free downloadable material.
  • Certificate expiry reminder.

Who is the course for

This course is designed to help an individual that may support an adult or child with Anaphylaxis.  Occupations who may use this course are: Child Minders, Nannies, Teachers, Parents, Patients, First Aiders, Medical Professionals and Carers.

3.5 Hour extended workshop (for non healthcare professionals):

Learn new skills in using Auto-Injectors and update your basic life support skills at the same time.  Feel confident knowing you can respond to an anaphylactic emergency should the situation deteriorate. The content of this course exceeds that of the Anaphylaxis Awareness curriculum. You will revise resuscitation in Adults, Children and Infants using manikins and following the latest guidelines.  We will cover the above and:

  • Understanding basic First Aid.
  • Management of an unconscious patient.
  • CPR in an Adult or Child.
  • Biphasic Anaphylactic Reactions.
  • Giving a second dose.


The content of this course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and come with a Certified CPD Statement as well as a Certificate and for online courses an Evidence Based Learning statement.

Important note:

Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be expected to carry out practical skills. All our first aid courses fully meet the UK and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015 as per the HSE requirements.

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For the 2 hour workshop

£35 (+VAT) per person, minimum 6 people.

£200 (+VAT) pre group of maximum of 12 people.

For the 3.5 hour workshop

£40 (+VAT) per person, minimum 6 people.

£400 (+VAT) pre group of maximum of 12 people.


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